Singapore AA-EX Exchange commencing online from August 25, 2021

On 13th August 2021, Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd. announced the commencement of the first phase of AA-EX Singapore, on 25th August 2021. The official ceremony of AA-EX will be held in the Headquarters of Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd, in heart of Singapore.

Singapore AA-EX exchange is a powerful arm under Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd. It also plays a crucial role in the AA Mercury Public Blockchain`s eco-system.

Upon the launch of Phase One of AA-EX exchange, the company will only offer trades between four major cryptocurrencies, namely USDT, ASDT, AAC and AAA. Other common cryptocurrencies will be made available to the general public in the later phases. According to Dr. Wang, Chief Technology Officer of AA-EX exchange: “AA-EX exchange adopts a fully self-sustainable trading strategy, running on the most advanced Blockchain 4.0 technology. It is also equipped with a friendly and effortless user interface for our traders, while being robust, secure and trusted at the same time.”.

AA Mercury Public Blockchain is a de-centralized, highly efficient public blockchain system initiated by Yang Bin, the Governor of Sinuijiu in North Korea. The blockchain uses a well-designed encryption and consensus protocol. All transactions are recorded within the chain without the interference of any third-party intermediaries, allowing them to be fully transparent and traceable. AA Mercury Public Blockchain has also established a reliable Global Trust System, achieving maximum efficiency in consensus protocols. It has high scalability and accessing speed, as well as limitless potential for a highly efficient performance and security. AA Mercury Public Blockchain is fully capable of supporting any new applications such as anonymity networks, computational sharing, storage space sharing, bandwidth sharing and credit guarantee operations. The list is non-exhaustive.

Furthermore, AA Mercury Public Blockchain provides an open interface which allows any third parties to develop D-APPs and is fully compatible with any service or application providers by adapting to the various applications respectively. It can also fully support any business organizations or government agencies to enhance public co-operation, as well as support private blockchain applications with unique characteristics and needs.

Since establishment, Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd managed to attract and develop partnerships within the industry, on a global level. The company has successfully acquired investors from Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China and is still expanding at an exponential rate. At the recent Strategic Investment Cooperation Agreement signing ceremony that took place in Singapore on 6th August 2021, Mr. Ken Chen, Chairman of Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Fuli Group, Mr. Duan Kaixiong from Myanmar, Chairman of MARS Network Company, and Dr. Jo, from Singapore officially became shareholders of the company. On behalf of their respective investment groups, Equity Investment Agreements were signed with Mr. Yang Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd. This has successfully pushed the valuation of Singapore A&A Blockchain Technology Innovation Pte Ltd to over $400 billion USD.

The launch of the AAEX exchange is a significant milestone for AA Mercury Public Blockchain, as it lays the foundation for AA-MEGAMALL, the first blockchain online mall platform. With the support of AA-EX exchange, AA-MEGAMALL will transform gracefully into a multinational, fully independent blockchain online mall platform. AA-EX Exchange will also serve to connect AA Mercury Public Blockchain with foreign currencies by introducing trades between them and ASDT or USDT. This forms an effective channel for encrypted digital currency exchange that can meet the expectations of a fast and secure payment service, for a vast pool of consumers all over the world. With its endless potential and possibilities, AA Mercury Public Blockchain promises to spearhead the future development of the economy of emerging nodes, in this digital era.