Vouchers getting people back in the shops: Paul Chan

Financial Secretary Paul Chan says more than five million Hongkongers have collected their latest spending vouchers and he’s hopeful the government scheme will help power a recovery of the economy.

In a blog post on Sunday, Chan said more people are willing to spend money again and he has noticed an increase in the numbers visiting shopping malls.

Chan uploaded a video of himself decked out in an apron and serving up ice cream from a truck.

He noted that the latest instalment of the electronic vouchers came out on National Day and said he wanted to share the joy with the public.

In another video, Chan was seen visiting a family living in a subdivided flat and another in a public housing estate. He was filmed wrapping dumplings and eating fruit with the families.

The minister said housing issues have always been the biggest conflict in Hong Kong, but there’s no problem that can’t be solved with the help of Beijing and the efforts of the SAR government.