Voting closes for revamped election committee poll

The poll to select the Election Committee has closed, with a voter turnout of around 90 percent by 10pm.

It’s the first vote since Beijing revamped Hong Kong’s electoral system. The expanded committee has 1,500 seats and is tasked to select the next Chief Executive and a large number of the SAR’s lawmakers.

But only about a quarter of the seats are being contested, with some 4,900 voters being eligible to cast their ballots.

All candidates have passed a vetting process that ensures only those deemed patriots can hold public office.

By 10pm, 4,380 people have voted, representing a turnout of about 90 percent.

Three sectors saw a 100 percent turnout – with every one of the 30 eligible voters in the legal sector, 54 voters in the Technology and Innovation one, and all 55 voters in the Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape sector having cast their ballots.

Results are expected overnight.
Last updated: 2021-09-19 HKT 23:41