‘Unvaccinated teachers may have to get routine tests’

Education minister Kevin Yeung said on Saturday that teachers who are not vaccinated may be ordered to do regular Covid tests, as the bureau considers resuming full-day classes for secondary students in the new school year.

Speaking after a radio programme, Yeung said the bureau will assess the situation by early next month before deciding on the arrangement for September.

“Some experts have said if the overall vaccination rate is 70 or 80 percent, maybe there can be more flexibility for school activities, meaning more teaching activities can take place on campus,” he said.

The official said it would be unfair to students if most of them are inoculated but can’t enjoy school life just because a few teachers have not been vaccinated.

“We’re considering if they should be tested regularly, so the school’s teaching won’t be affected due to the fact that they can’t get the jab.”

He called on teachers and students to get inoculated during the summer holiday, adding that the government’s new programme to vaccinate pupils at schools has been well-received.

Meanwhile, Yeung said the bureau is following up with two private primary schools – Good Hope School and Pooi To Primary School – which have reportedly installed security cameras in classrooms.

He said it’s important for schools to communicate with parents and other stakeholders, adding that they need to abide by the privacy ordinance when installing security cameras.