‘Unprecedented elections the largest in HK’s history’

Chief Secretary John Lee says this weekend’s Legco polls will be the largest Hong Kong has ever seen, with a record amount of election staff on hand to help voters return an unprecedented number of lawmakers.

Lee urged people to take part in the polls on Sunday, to make sure that it is a success and so “forces that aim to sabotage the election will not succeed”.

“Voters in Hong Kong will unprecedentedly elect 90 Legislative Council members who will fulfil the principle of ‘patriots administering Hong Kong’, will be committed to the interests of national development and the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong, and will be genuinely committed to serving the public, truly constructive for society and refuse to be destructive or be foreign agents,” he said.

Inspecting preparatory work at the central counting station at the Convention and Exhibition Centre along with Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Secretary Erick Tsang, Lee called on election workers to devote themselves to the polls, a government statement said.

“This election is the largest in scale in Hong Kong’s history. A record high of some 40,000 electoral staff will carry out duties related to polling and counting procedures,” Lee told workers.

“To enable this election to be conducted smoothly, electoral staff should be committed to work, familiarise themselves with the procedures, and be flexible and adaptive to changes. I call on every colleague to be diligent and devote your full strength to help the government to run this historic election for Hong Kong.”