‘UK judges to stay on at Hong Kong’s top court’

The president of the UK’s Supreme Court on Friday said he and his deputy will continue to sit in Hong Kong’s top court after finding the SAR’s judiciary remains “largely independent”.

Robert Reed and deputy president Patrick Hodge both serve as non-permanent judges at the Court of Final Appeal, along with 10 other foreign judges.

In a statement, Lord Reed said he had been in discussion with the UK’s foreign secretary and the Lord Chancellor regarding the situation in Hong Kong after the implementation of the national security law by Beijing.

“At this time, our shared assessment is that the judiciary in Hong Kong continues to act largely independently of government and their decisions continue to be consistent with the rule of law,” he said.

He also noted there continues to be widespread support among the legal community in Hong Kong for UK and other overseas judges to sit on the city’s top court.

“I will continue to assess the position in Hong Kong as it develops, in discussion with the UK Government,” he added.

Lord Reed has warned that he wouldn’t serve or nominate any of his judges to sit on Hong Kong’s top court if the national security law undermines judicial independence or the rule of law.