Tsz Wan Shan building given compulsory testing order

Health officials on Sunday ordered all residents of a building in Tsz Wan Shan to take a Covid-19 test, after an 18-year-old resident tested positive on arrival in Singapore on October 24.

Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection, under the Department of Health, said the man had travelled to Singapore on flight TR981 and his specimen, which was collected in Singapore on the same day, had tested positive.

As the man had been in Hong Kong during the incubation period, health authorities here ordered mandatory testing at Ching Tak House on the Tsz Ching Estate, as a precaution.

The Centre for Health Protection is also following up on the case with Singapore’s health authority.

The man had received two doses of the BioNTech Covid vaccination on July 8 and July 30 in Hong Kong.