Transitional flats ‘resonate with common prosperity’

The Secretary for Transport and Housing, Frank Chan, says the government’s push for transitional housing is in line with the goal of “common prosperity” set out in the national plan, as the private sector and NGOs are engaged in helping the needy.

He told RTHK’s Overview Policy that more than 4,000 transitional flats will be ready by the middle of next year, and another 10,000 units in 2023, for people queuing for public housing.

Chan said private developers’ willingness to offer properties to be used as transitional housing has made the scheme a success.

“We invited the Community Chest to help with funding, because for years I’ve worked with them on social services. And we invited developers to set aside flats in old buildings for us to renovate. It worked efficiently. Why? Because it mobilises social resources,” he said.

“Looking back, it resonates with the model ‘common prosperity’ of the 14th five-year plan. The government, the community and the business sector worked together. And it produced results.”