Three Bonjour Beauty salons suspend operations

Two beauty salons and a massage parlour under Bonjour Beauty Limited announced on Wednesday that they were suspending operations.

The three companies involved were About Beauty, Dr.Protalk and Top Comfort.

A notice was posted outside one of About Beauty’s branches in Mong Kok, saying it was closing until further notice as a result of company restructuring.

Labour Department said some of the companies’ workers had asked for assistance, and it was following up with the matter.

District councillor Ramon Yuen from the Democratic Party also said he has received more than 140 inquiries from customers over prepaid treatment fees.

“[The amount of money involved in] these 140 cases range from HK$3,000 something to more than HK$400,000. The total figure is nearly HK$6 million,” he told RTHK.

“The majority of the complaints is that they are not able to contact any customer service personnel of the beauty salons.”

He urged customers who made payments via credit cards to contact their card issuers as soon as possible, in order to request for a refund.
Last updated: 2021-09-01 HKT 22:39