Tang blasts online comments on dead officer

Security Secretary Chris Tang has expressed anger over online remarks made by several disciplinary force officers, in which they allegedly mocked the death of a policewoman during an anti-smuggling operation.

Appearing emotional during a radio show on Saturday as he commented on the online comments on her death, Tang criticised people who used the incident to make anti-police remarks.

He said people shouldn’t be cold-blooded or spread their political beliefs during times like this, and he had harsh words for the officers concerned.

“As disciplined service officers, they should know that there’s a chance we’ll all face danger. All of us are working and doing our best to protect Hong Kong. It’s extremely regrettable to see such attitudes. I also doubt if these people still want to serve the public,”Tang said.

“These officers have been suspended from duty. We’ll see if any criminal elements are involved, and if there’s a disciplinary investigation,”he said.

Tang said the National Security Law doesn’t cover remarks that spread hatred, but the Crimes Ordinance does include the offence of sedition.

He said the government would also consider including sedition in the Article 23 legislation that officials are currently studying.

The future Article 23 legislation will also target spying activities, the security chief added.

He hopes the legislative work will be conducted as soon as possible, noting that officials will explain the bill.