Student Politicism disbands after NSL arrests

The group Student Politicism has announced that it is disbanding after four of its current and former members were charged with national security offences.

The group’s convenor Wong Yat-chin, spokeswoman Wong Yuen-lam and two former members, Chan Chi-sum and Jessica Chu, have all been charged with conspiracy to incite subversion. They were remanded in custody by West Kowloon Court.

In a post on its Facebook page on Friday evening, the group said: “Since May 2020, Student Politicism was blessed with the precious support from fellow Hong Kong people that have allowed us to run our operation until this day.

“Unfortunately, given the lack of foreseeable space for our organisation to continue our mission, we hereby announce the disbandment of Student Politicism. All relevant operations will cease to continue, all members and volunteers will be dismissed.”

The group said it was selling off remaining inventory. It had been collecting material to pass to prisoners.

“All revenue will be used to support our ex-members in custody with the cost of supplies and legal fees so that they can get through this difficult period.
Last but not least, we want to express our sincere gratitude for the help and support from everyone on the way, and we wish all safe and sound,” it said.

Speaking on Monday, senior superintendent Steve Li alleged that Student Politicism had carried out a range of subversive acts, including encouraging people not to use the government’s voluntary LeaveHomeSafe pandemic app, and using street booths to spread messages “inciting hatred towards the government”.

He also accused the group of attempting to recruit “like-minded people” in prison by providing them with supplies such as chocolate and hand cream.