State media urges probe into PTU’s ‘illegal acts’

State media has renewed its attack on the largest teacher’s union in Hong Kong – a day after it announced it was disbanding following accusations that it had “poisoned” children and incited them to violence.

Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary on Wednesday that the Professional Teacher’s Union (PTU) shouldn’t get away with any law-breaking and should be investigated by the authorities.

The article called the union a “malignant tumour” whose eradication helps bring an end to anti-government chaos, and will be cheered on by students, parents, and the Hong Kong community at large.

It added that the group only has itself to blame for its demise, repeating its accusations that the union had incited violence in the guise of a teachers’ organisation.

As such, it said local authorities must abide by the law and continue with investigations into any illegal acts that may have been committed by the body.

“Whether the PTU disbands or not, the relevant law enforcement departments in Hong Kong should enforce the law impartially, and investigate according to the law, so unlawful acts can be duly punished,” it said.

Xinhua also gave assurances that plenty of patriotic and professional organisations could step in to take over the PTU’s functions, and that the interests of local teachers would not be jeopardised.

People’s Daily also said the “radical” group had brought about worse impact than opposition political parties, and that justice was manifested now that the union is “swept into the trash heap of history”.

The newspaper added it believed more aspects, apart from education, will be rectified now that the national security law is in place.

The pro-democracy union announced on Tuesday that it was ending operations after 48 years, citing immense pressure amid radical social and political changes.