Some cast iron pots release heavy metals: watchdog

The Consumer Council on Monday warned that some cast iron pots may release a high level of metal during the cooking process and pose risks to people’s health.

The council tested seven cast iron pots, four of which released metals under high temperature.

It said a pot made by Lodge was found to release iron at a level that was 55 times the European limit.

A pot made by another brand, Bruno, was found to release carcinogenic heavy metals arsenic and cadmium.

The level of arsenic found was 17 times the European limit, it said.

Two other pots made by Vermicular and Sori Yanagi also released metals, although the levels were not as high.

The chairwoman of the council’s research and testing committee, Nora Tam, said metals released during cooking process could contaminate the food and pose health risks.

The council said it has urged the companies to review their raw materials and manufacturing process. It has also referred the cases to Customs for follow-up action.

In response, Bruno said it has stopped selling the batch concerned as a precautionary measure, and to allay people’s concerns.
Last updated: 2021-11-15 HKT 17:31