Sinovac jabs available for over-12s from Dec 2

Adolescents aged 12 to 17 will be able to choose the Sinovac vaccine for their Covid-19 jab from December 2, officials announced on Monday.

Those in this age group can already receive the BioNTech vaccine, while Sinovac is currently only available to adults.

The Sinovac jabs will be administered at community vaccination centres, designated private clinics and five student health service centres.

Authorities said schools can make special vaccination arrangements for their students.

“The government will provide [students] with special channels to get vaccinated, including providing special appointments for schools at community vaccination centres and transport from and to schools. The Education Bureau will issue a letter to inform schools of the arrangements this week,” a government statement read.

The government has approved use of the Sinovac vaccine in children as young as three, but is following the advice of its advisers that only those aged 12 and above should be offered it at first.