RTHK shelves two of its TV shows

RTHK has scrapped two of its television programmes – RTHK Talk Show and This Week – saying it is updating its offerings.

A spokesperson for the government station said existing shows may be replaced with new ones, programmes could get new elements, some shows may get new time slots, or programmes could be suspended seasonally.

The spokesperson said viewers should take note of RTHK’s announcements on different platforms.

This Week, a current affairs programme was to be replaced by a re-run on Tuesday night, while the cultural programme RTHK Talk Show still appeared on the station’s TV schedule.

But one of the hosts of RTHK Talk Show, writer Tang Siu-wa, said production had been halted immediately.

The move comes three months after the government broadcaster said it had no plans to axe the show.

Edward Yau, who heads the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau that oversees RTHK, was asked whether the station is deliberately pulling programmes that are popular with the public.

He said the broadcaster is autonomous when it comes to its programming and his bureau does not get involved in the decisions made.