“Public utility workers want higher pay rise in 2022”

A survey released on Saturday suggests that most public utility workers want pay rises of up to six percent next year, after they said they received increases of around one to two percent this year.

An affiliate of the Federation of Trade Unions, the Federation of Employees Unions in Public Utilities, recently interviewed 1,640 member workers from CLP, Hongkong Electric, Towngas and PCCW, by phone and through an online questionnaire.

Three quarters of the respondents said they want pay rises between four to six percent next year.

62 percent said they’ve faced higher workload during the pandemic, and 42 percent said they have a very low sense of belonging with the firms.

The union said public utility companies should improve pay-setting mechanisms, hire more workers and reduce outsourcing.

It urged the government to monitor the firms for them to achieve the country’s goal of “common prosperity”, by distributing wealth in a reasonable manner.