Pro-govt camp ‘very careful about election rules’

Pro-establishment figures on Tuesday dismissed suggestions that their election rallies could be in breach of the law, one day after a former pro-democracy lawmaker and a singer were charged by the ICAC over a rally three years ago.

The case involving Au Nok-hin and Anthony Wong, who were accused of providing entertainment in a 2018 rally ahead of the Hong Kong Island Legco by-election, has led to questions about election conduct regarding their rivals.

Media reports said musical performances were featured at rallies held by pro-government candidates that year as well.

A pro-establishment heavyweight, National People’s Congress Standing Committee member Tam Yiu-chung, says it’s easy to violate election laws when professional singers join an election rally.

He also said his camp has been very careful while trying to come up with campaign content.

“We are very concerned about (that)… because of the law. We need to handle very carefully such kinds of performance. Every time we’ll be very serious to know about that: Don’t breach the law,” Tam said.

According to media reports, drum performances were featured at a rally held by former lawmaker Yan Chan who ran in the Kowloon West by-election the same year.

She insisted her election team had not breached the law.

Chan won the by-election but was later unseated because of a court challenge.