Police seize HK$57m of ice, ketamine in Yuen Long

Police on Sunday said they had seized HK$57 million worth of drugs in Yuen Long, and made two arrests.

Detectives said they found the 106-kilogramme haul hidden inside two containers at a logistic firm’s storage site in Yuen Long, during an anti-drug operation that took place between August 5 and 6.

Two men in their 20s have also been detained.

Superintendent Chan Kong-ming said the drugs involved were ice and ketamine, and they were hidden among 1,500 boxes of bed linen that had been shipped in from Pakistan.

Chan also said they had noticed drug syndicates are taking bigger risks by smuggling in a larger amount of drugs all in one go.

He said this may be because it is more difficult to smuggle drugs on travellers due to pandemic-imposed immigration restrictions.