Police seek information from protest fund

Police have confirmed that they’re investigating a fund that’s been helping protesters involved in the social unrest that began in 2019, over suspected national security breaches.

RTHK understands that the 612 Humanitarian Relief Fund and the Alliance for True Democracy have been asked to provide information before a deadline.

Sources say the request was made under a court warrant in accordance to the national security law, adding that the information sought include details on donors and recipients, its crowdfunding campaign and how the money was used by the organisations.

In a statement, police would only confirm that the fund is being probed, and that officers have the power under the security law to seek the handover of information.

In response, the fund said on social media that it’s aware of the media reports, but cannot comment further due to restrictions in the relevant laws.

The alliance has been collecting donations for the fund through its bank account, and the fund said a fortnight ago that it’ll cease operation at the end of next month.

Last week, Secretary for Security Chris Tang said the authorities would investigate whether the fund has broken any laws, including the national security law.
Last updated: 2021-09-01 HKT 20:47