Police seek alliance info in national security probe

National security police have reportedly written to core members of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, asking for information related to the group’s ties with foreign groups.

According to Chow Hang-tung, vice chairperson of the Alliance, police have asked them to hand over the information within a fortnight in accordance with Article 43 of the national security law.

Chow said on Wednesday that a letter from the police described the Alliance as an agent of foreign groups – an allegation she categorically denied.

She said the organisation was formed by Hong Kong people in 1989 to support the democratic development of China.

“The [security police] use this politicised allegation of a foreign agent to ask us to provide information. This whole matter is clearly an abuse of the national security law to suppress civil organisations,” Chow told RTHK.

She accused the police of trying to discourage civil groups from contacting overseas organisations as part of a scheme to eliminate civil society.

Chow said other core members of the Alliance have received similar police requests for information, and they will discuss how to respond.

On reports that the Alliance will vote next month on whether or not to disband, Chow said disbandment is a collective decision of all members, and she cannot give an answer on the behalf of others.

The group has for decades organised the June 4 candlelight vigil at Victoria Park.