Police condemn ‘rioters’ for dropping bottles in CWB

Police said they are investigating a case involving “some rioters” dropping glass bottles from height in Causeway Bay on Friday afternoon, as some gathered in the area to mourn the death of a man who stabbed himself after allegedly attacking a police officer on Thursday.

In a Facebook post, the force said no one was injured in the incident that happened at around 5pm near Percival Street, but condemned the perpetrators for endangering people’s lives.

It added that some people had earlier “incited” others online to mourn the death of the assailant, or even called for another fatal attack.

Authorities said they are now conducting a high-profile patrol in the area to stop and search suspicious persons, adding that a man has been arrested for obstructing a police officer during the operation.

Another man was arrested for allegedly possessing offensive weapons after authorities found a cutter knife and a hex key on him.

Meanwhile, the force called on the public to “stop glorifying and advocating violence”.

It insisted that the man who had stabbed the policeman on Thursday night had attempted to murder the officer, saying he was neither a martyr nor a hero, but a “lawless assailant”.