Police conclude that Frederic Choi did nothing wrong

Police said on Tuesday they had wrapped up an investigation into the director of the force’s national security department, Frederic Choi, and concluded the senior officer had not been engaged in any unethical or illegal behaviour.

Chief Superintendent Ryan Wong of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau said Choi was found at an unlicensed massage parlour in Wan Chai during a police raid in late March.

Wong said even though the parlour served as a venue for prostitution and six women had been arrested in connection with the case, Choi was not found to have been involved in any immoral or unlawful behaviour.

“The case has been sent to the Department of Justice for advice… we have no evidence to suggest that he was there and then doing any illegal acts or committing any immoral acts,” Wong said, adding that officers had conducted a “thorough and in-depth” investigation.

Wong stressed while operating an illegal massage parlour is an offence, visiting one is not.

He added that Choi remains on leave for the time being, and authorities will decide whether any follow-up action is required based on the advice from the Department of Justice.

Last week, pro-establishment lawmaker Paul Tse defended the senior officer’s behaviour, saying that visiting an unlicensed massage parlour was no worse than going to an unlicensed restaurant, and not even as serious as jaywalking.