People queue up for Covid tests at Festival Walk

Dozens of people queued up to get tested for coronavirus at the Festival Walk shopping mall on Friday morning, after the authorities issued a compulsory testing order in connection with an Omicron case.

Staff and customers who were in the Kowloon Tong mall on Monday afternoon must take a test by Saturday after a Cathay Pacific employee who dined at a restaurant there was found to have the highly contagious variant.

In the queue for tests was a woman who said she also visited the Moon Palace restaurant, although it was the day after the infected customer was there.

“I’ve got a child at home who’s not yet one year old, so I wanted to be safe. The hygiene and distance [between tables] was okay but I don’t know if the staff working that day were infected,” she said.

A worker surnamed Yin, whose office is located in the same building as the mall, said she was also concerned.

“I work here in the officer tower… sometimes during lunchtime, I go to Taste or restaurants to get lunch, so I have some concerns,” she said.

But a customer surnamed Li who went to a restaurant on a different floor of the mall on Monday said he was not too concerned about the suspected outbreak.

“I am not worried because I wear a mask and I also use alcohol to clean my hands,” he said.

Moon Palace remained closed for disinfection on Friday, but the Apple store, where the aircrew member also visited, was open for business.