Penny’s Bay food contractor faces prosecution

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department on Thursday said it’s going to prosecute the contractor that supplied meals to people quarantined at Penny’s Bay after an inspection to its premises found irregularities.

Officers inspected Danny Catering on May 7 and found that rooms to store food were not cleaned, food was not being kept at the right temperature and a food sample was contaminated.

A subsequent inspection on Monday found that the irregularities had been rectified.

Still, a department spokesman said legal action would be taken against the firm.

A number of people quarantined in Penny’s Bay last week complained about suspected food poisoning after eating meals supplied by Danny Catering. They were then given cup noodles.

The authorities had ordered thousands of people into quarantine after infections involving a mutant strain of Covid were found in their buildings.

They were told they would have to stay for 21 days, but later the government announced that all those who tested negative for the virus were allowed to go home under a policy change.