Patients recovered from Covid need only 1 jab: govt

The government said patients who have recovered from Covid-19 will be regarded as having completed the vaccination course two weeks after they’ve received the first dose.

It said on Friday that a special arrangement will be made to reflect their condition on vaccination records.

In a statement, the government said it’s sending text messages to those who’ve recovered from Covid, urging them to get inoculated.

The patients, it said, can simply present the message at a vaccination centre or a private doctor to arrange for a jab without the need to book online.

Government experts advise those who want a BioNTech jab to wait for at least 90 days after they’re discharged from hospital, and for Sinovac, at least 180 days.

And if the patients have already received one dose of vaccine after discharge and have an appointment for the second dose, the government said it will cancel that booking.