Overnight lockdowns found 26 Covid infections

Authorities on Friday detected 26 Covid infections after locking down two buildings in Tuen Mun and Kowloon Bay.

Among them, 25 positive cases were found after 1,429 residents from Ting Hong House in On Ting Estate were tested, while there were 14 indeterminate results.

The other positive case was found in Choi Wui House of Choi Hing Court among 887 people tested. There were three indeterminate results.

The government said it would follow up on the 134 households that did not answer the door when officers visited to see if they had complied with the testing order.

Separately, the government has sealed off Shek Fu House of Shek Lei Estate in Kwai Chung for testing, saying there are a number of recent cases in the building.

It said it aims to finish the exercise at about 1pm on Saturday.
Last updated: 2022-04-08 HKT 22:10