Over-60s enjoy shorter jab queues as others sent away

Some of Hong Kong’s over-60s have been making the most of a new rule that came into effect on Tuesday barring younger people from getting a jab at one of 24 vaccination centres unless they have an appointment.

A woman surnamed Yu said she arrived early at a centre in Lai Chi Kok and managed to get a same-day ticket for a jab. Her friend, who’s only 58, was not so fortunate.

“What a pity! Why is it only people aged 60 or above can have the ticket? They didn’t say that before,” Yu said

“When we came yesterday we couldn’t get a ticket. And today she also couldn’t get one. She just left. I came here yesterday but I couldn’t get a ticket because there were too many people queuing. I came here around 9am yesterday but they told me all the tickets had been given out. So I came here around 7am today.”

“The arrangement is very good. I didn’t want to get vaccinated before, but when they said they were giving out same-day tickets I decided to take a jab for my own peace of mind.”

A woman surnamed Lee said she was pleased with the new arrangement, saying shorter queues will help elderly people who can’t stand and wait too long.

Meanwhile, a young woman said she was told by staff that she was not eligible for a same-day ticket, but she could wait for a jab anyway.

“They told me to wait here. So I think they will let me take the jab.”

She said she couldn’t book an appointment for a booster shot because she took her first two jabs on the mainland.