Online platform for overseas jab records to return

The government said on Thursday that it was preparing to reopen an online platform for people to register their non-local vaccinations, ahead of the extension of its vaccine pass scheme at the end of the month.

The administration also announced that the 18 post offices across the SAR at which people can register their overseas vaccinations would increase manpower to allow 2,400 people to sign up each day, from the previous 1,200. The quota will be increased further to 3,000 next week.

Some social media users have reported facing long waits at post offices while trying to register to receive a QR code to prove that they’ve been vaccinated overseas, or being turned away because the quota for the day has already been used up.

“There is no need for persons who arrived in Hong Kong and have obtained their non-local Covid-19 vaccination record QR code (or non-local vaccination record QR code with their recovery status incorporated) at boundary control points or post offices since September last year to make any declaration again at post offices,” the administration said in a statement.

“As for other persons who are in Hong Kong and hold a non-local Covid-19 vaccination record (including Hong Kong residents, non-Hong Kong residents and recovered persons with vaccination records), they may still declare their non-local vaccination record at designated post offices, or make declaration through the aforementioned online non-local vaccination record declaration platform later.”

People arriving at border control points from Thursday are to receive their provisional vaccine pass at the border, the administration added.

Under the SAR’s vaccine pass system, adults entering various venues must show a QR code proving that they have received two doses of an approved vaccine. From May 31, that will increase to three doses.
For more details of the provisional pass scheme please click here.