Officials to decide by May whether to cancel DSE

Exam officials said they will make a decision by mid-May on whether to call off this year’s university entrance tests as the Covid-19 outbreak continues.

The Examinations and Assessment Authority announced on Monday that it will first consider whether to push the Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) papers back from their scheduled start date in April to May or June.

“We never had a situation like this…we have to consider many different factors, we will consult many different stakeholders and watch out for the situation and make this very difficult decision later on,” said the authority’s secretary-general, Wei Xiangdong.

But for now, the authority is preparing to hold the DSE exam as scheduled on April 22.

It said it aims to finish the written examinations by May 21, adding that some smaller-scale exams will be held on Sundays and public holidays to achieve the condensed schedule.

All candidates will be required to conduct a rapid antigen test using test kits provided by the authority before being allowed into the exam venues.

Those with a fever, demonstrate Covid-symptoms, or are subject to mandatory quarantine and awaiting test results for their compulsory testing will be banned from entering the examination centres.

They will be allowed to apply through their schools for assessed subject results.

If DSE the exams can proceed as scheduled, the results will be announced on July 20.