Officials report Covid outbreak in Yuen Long family

  • Officials report Covid outbreak in Yuen Long family

Health authorities reported on Thursday that a couple who live in Yuen Long have come down with Covid-19, sending up to 50 of their friends, relatives and colleagues into quarantine.

The wife, 29, started coughing and had a sore throat on Friday last week. She took some over-the-counter medications and didn’t see a doctor until Monday.

She’s an account manager who works in Kowloon Bay.

Her husband, a 38-year-old property agent, started coughing on Sunday.

Her parents and three relatives have also tested preliminary positive for the virus.

All of them live in a residential estate in Hung Shui Kiu named Meadowlands.

Ambrose Wong of the Centre for Health Protection categorised this as an outbreak.

“It’s related to the Easter holiday. It’s quite obvious because of the family gathered during the holiday. If all of them become confirmed, it will be one Easter holiday cluster,” he said.

There were for imported cases, involving people arriving from France, Italy and the Philippines and India.