Observatory to consider no 3 storm signal later

The observatory says it will consider issuing the Strong Wind Signal Number 3 in the late afternoon on Monday or Tuesday morning, as Tropical Storm Cempaka intensifies and edges closer to the west of the Pearl River Estuary.

The Standby Signal Number 1 is currently in force, with the weathermen expecting occasionally heavy squalls and thunderstorms during the day.

“In the past few hours, Cempaka moved rather slowly and intensified. According to the present forecast, the winds over the vicinity of the Pearl River Estuary are expected to strengthen tonight and tomorrow morning”, the observatory said.

Senior Scientific Officer Tong Yu-fai added that the storm’s trajectory isn’t clear.

“As there are discrepancies on the forecast of Cempaka among different computer models, its future movement and intensity remain uncertain,” he said.

Tong advised people to pay attention to updates from the observatory, and said heavy showers, squalls and thunderstorms would continue to affect Hong Kong in the next couple of days.