Observatory issues Standby Signal No 1

The Observatory on Sunday issued the Standby Signal no 1 at 9.40pm.

This means that a tropical cyclone now centred within about 800 kilometres of Hong Kong may affect the SAR.

At 5am on Monday, the tropical depression over the northern part of the South China Sea was estimated to be about 190 kilometres south-southwest of Hong Kong and is forecast to remain almost stationary at first, then move northwest or west-northwest slowly later, edging closer to the coast of western Guangdong gradually.

In the early hours of Monday, the tropical depression moved slowly with slight intensification. Unless the tropical depression adopts a track closer to Hong Kong, the chance of local winds generally strengthening significantly in the morning is relatively low. The Standby Signal No 1 will remain in force for some time on Monday morning.

The heavy showers and squalls associated with the tropical depression will continue to affect the coast of Guangdong on Monday.

Last updated: 2021-07-19 HKT 08:59