Observatory considers T8 signal between 4 and 6pm

The Hong Kong Observatory said it will consider issuing the number 8 signal between 4pm and 6pm on Tuesday as Severe Tropical Storm Kompasu edges closer to the city.

This prompted the Education Bureau to announce the suspension of all classes.

In a statement, it said all schools should implement contingency measures to ensure the safety of students, who should only be allowed to go home when conditions are safe.

The observatory said as of noon, Kompasu was about 560 kilometres southeast of the SAR and was forecast to move west at about 25 kilometres an hour across the northern part of the South China Sea, towards the vicinity of Hainan.

The observatory said there have been strong winds because of the combined effect of Kompasu and the northeast monsoon, as well as occasional gales offshore and on high ground.

The storm’s outer rainbands are expected to bring showers and squalls to Hong Kong tonight, and local winds could strengthen further.
Last updated: 2021-10-12 HKT 12:16