‘No one in their right mind fears security law’

Education Secretary Kevin Yeung said on Wednesday that no right-thinking person worries about Hong Kong’s national security law, and those who are concerned about crossing over a red line are worrying for nothing.

On RTHK’s Overview Policy, Yeung also said that teachers must safeguard security by helping to nurture their students’ sense of national identity.

“Teachers have the duty to teach their students the meaning of national security and nurture their commitment to the safeguarding of national security,” he said.

Yeung said a lot of work has already been done in schools to promote national security education and some 13,000 teachers have taken training courses to learn more about the constitution and the Basic Law.

He added that the authorities have formulated a curriculum framework for national security education in 15 subjects at different grades.

He dismissed suggestions that Hongkongers could unwittingly cross a red line when it comes to the national security law.

“If we all have the right thinking in this aspect, we have nothing to worry about. Some worry about stepping over the red line or a narrowing of personal space – it’s impossible.”