No cases found after Tai Kok Tsui lockdown

Health officials on Thursday morning announced that no coronavirus cases had been found after locking down the Chung Mei Building in Tai Kok Tsui overnight.

As of 1 am about 1,200 residents had been tested. Compulsory testing was completed at about 7 o’clock on Thursday morning.

The lockdown had been ordered after the Centre for Health Protection was notified by authorities in Australia that a man, 52, who lived in the building before he flew in from Hong Kong last month, has contracted the Delta strain of the coronavirus.

From 7 am people who had undergone testing and were able to present SMS notifications with negative test results or were wearing wristbands as proof of having undergone testing were allowed leave the building.

The government said staff had visited around 570 households. Around 100 households did not answer the door and officials said staff would follow up in due course.