No ADPL members plan to run in Legco poll

The Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People’s Livelihood said on Saturday that no members had indicated their intention to stand in December’s Legco election before its internal deadline for applications on Friday.

The party made the announcement on social media, noting that the matter was therefore not discussed in an executive committee meeting held on Saturday.

The association earlier decided to let members join the revamped poll, though they said applications would be vetted according to various factors, such as whether the person can represent the group.

Earlier this month, the Democratic Party said that none of its members planned to join the elections, though the party had required would-be candidates to secure 40 nominations from members.

Responding to the ADPL’s announcement, DAB politician Tam Yiu-chung said he still expected many candidates and groups to put forward candidates, and for the election to be highly competitive.

Another party, Third Side, said on Saturday that it planned to field three candidates in the upcoming Legco polls.

The group’s chairman, Tik Chi-yuen, will join the social welfare sector race, while the group’s vice-chairman and secretary general will vie for seats in the Kowloon Central and Kowloon West geographical constituencies respectively.

Tik said his group would not rule out negotiations with other parties on where to field candidates, and he hoped what he called the “non-establishment camp” could unite.

The nomination period for the elections will run from next Saturday to November 12.
Last updated: 2021-10-23 HKT 17:25