Murder suspect seeks transfer from psychiatric centre

Eastern Court has rejected a murder suspect’s request to be transferred from a psychiatric ward to a normal detention facility, saying it has no power to deal with the matter.

Matthew Choi, 31, is accused of murdering a 48-year-old taxi driver in Sai Ying Pun on October 12.

At a hearing on Friday, the prosecution said it had obtained Choi’s psychiatric reports and he was fit to enter a plea.

But it said police needed more time to investigate the case and the court agreed to adjourn the proceedings to December 24.

Standing in the dock, Choi appeared clam and relaxed.

He did not apply for bail, but his lawyer asked the court to transfer his client from the Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre to a normal detention facility, so it would be easier for his family to visit him.

But magistrate Daniel Tang said this was something for the Correctional Services Department to decide and not the court.