Mixed views from parents over class suspension

Some parents have expressed concern that the upcoming class suspension would affect their children’s learning progress, while others told RTHK that the government’s decision is reasonable amid the worsening pandemic.

Earlier on Tuesday, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said kindergartens and primary schools will have to suspend in-person classes no later than Friday until after the Lunar New Year holiday next month.

One parent, surnamed Chin, said the policy is understandable given there’s been more community transmission of the Omicron variant.

“For my child’s learning, of course I don’t want to suspend the class because he learns a lot at school. But the pandemic is getting serious now. For kindergarten students, I think suspension of class is acceptable. But for primary students, they may not be able to catch up with their classes,” she said.

Others students and parents echo the concern, casting doubt on the effectiveness of online lessons.

“Some of my classmates hate having Zoom lessons because it’s not interesting at all. They can’t see each other. It’s so boring,” primary six student Mace said.

Another parent of a primary five student told RTHK she’s worried the suspension will affect her child’s preparation for secondary school admission tests.

“I’m worried about their exams. Exams are the most important [for Primary 5 students]. It’s the final stage [before admitting] to high school. I hope exams can be delayed until they are ready,” she said.

Meanwhile, one mother questioned why secondary school classes are not suspended as well.

“Sometimes I get so confused with the government. How do they know the germs won’t go to secondary schools, but only to primary schools and kindergarten? Germs are all around… They should stop all students from going to schools,” she said.

The Chief Executive had earlier explained that there’s no need for secondary school classes to be suspended because older students can take better care of themselves.