Mask rule expanded as govt tightens Covid measures

People will have to wear a mask when they’re in country parks or exercising outdoors from Thursday as part of tighter social-distancing curbs announced by the government.

Eating or drinking will be banned on all public transport, including ferries and “kaito” vessels, and passengers will have to keep their masks on at all times.

Restrictions on dining-in will be further tightened with two people allowed per table, down from four currently.

Other existing curbs, such as limiting cross-family gatherings and shutting down premises such as gyms and bars, will continue.

The government has said it plans to keep the distancing measures in place until April 20.

Thursday will also see the start of the vaccine pass scheme under which people will need to use the LeaveHomeSafe app and have at least one jab to enter various types of premises including shopping malls, supermarkets and restaurants.