Man jailed for nearly 8 years for stabbing officer

The High Court on Monday sentenced a 21-year-old man to seven years and nine months in prison for stabbing a policeman in the neck in 2019, with the judge describing the attack as “yet another senseless episode of violence” that year.

Hui Tim-lik earlier admitted to the alternative charge of wounding the officer with the intent to do grievous bodily harm on a footbridge near the Kwun Tong MTR station on October 13.

He was originally charged with attempted murder.

The court heard that Hui, a form six student at the time, was among a group of protesters on the footbridge when a group of uniform police officers passed through them on their way to the APM mall. He suddenly dashed forward and stabbed the right neck of one of the officers with a cutter.

Justice Andrew Chan noted that Hui had tried to flee but was immediately stopped by the officer. He was then subdued by other officers. The judge also noted that police found Hui’s suicide note in his home.

In sentencing, Chan called the attack vicious and unprovoked.

He also although the victim was randomly selected, Hui’s action was premeditated.

The judge pointed to the fact that Hui had carried an industrial cutter, a potentially lethal weapon, and had written a suicide note prior to the attack.

“Whatever one’s political beliefs are, the use of violence must be condemned,” Chan said.

Some of Hui’s teachers and family members had told the court that he was a well-liked student and not a violent person.

Psychiatric reports suggest Hui suffered from autism.

Chan noted that Hui had already been remanded in custody for two years since the attack, adding that he believed the defendant had “learnt of his mistake” with the help of social workers, his family, teachers and friends.

“I sincerely hope the remorse he has shown is a genuine one,” Chan said.

He set the starting point for Hui’s sentence at 10 years, but reduced it to seven years and nine months due to his guilty plea.