Man, 70, held over fellow care home resident’s death

Police say they’ve arrested an elderly man living in a Tuen Mun care home in connection with the suspected murder of another man in the same facility.

They said an 85-year-old man was found unconscious with facial injuries on Friday night, while a security camera caught a 70-year-old man leaving the victim’s room holding what appeared to be a pair of scissors.

The man was declared dead in Tuen Mun Hospital in the early hours of Saturday.

Superintendent Lam Hing-cheung said he believed the victim couldn’t defend himself because he was bedridden:

“In the elderly home, police also recovered blood-stained scissors in an electric meter room which is believed to be the weapon used in the case,” he said.

“Our lines of inquiry will include the relationship between the deceased and the arrested person, and also the physical and mental status of the arrested person.”