Make health code an option for HKers: Regina Ip

Executive Councillor Regina Ip says she doesn’t think the border to the mainland would be reopened within this year, as the vaccination rate here hasn’t reached the herd immunity barrier and many of Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic measures are not in line with the mainland.

“Some said it’s because we don’t use the mainland’s health code system. I think not everyone has to use it. Perhaps those who want to go to the mainland can be given the option to use it if they are not worried and if they think it’s convenient,” she told a Commercial Radio programme on Friday.

“Just look at Macau. Its health and anti-pandemic measures are the same as the mainland. Mainland authorities trust it and so [the border to Macau] is totally reopened,” Ip noted.

Meanwhile, Ip said she had on Thursday received a BioNTech jab, after a blood test revealed that she was no longer protected against Covid-19 by any antibodies from the two Sinovac vaccines she earlier got.

She was among the first batch of people who received the Sinovac jabs in Hong Kong, who are now eligible to sign up for a booster-shot scheme launched by the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital.

Ip said she knew the side-effect of the BioNTech vaccines could be stronger, but she picked it this time because she felt she’s been healthy and she’s interested to know its effect.

She said she’s feeling rather tired – a common side-effect from the shot – adding doctors would monitor her antibody levels in the coming 180 days.