M+ to have a ‘very special place’ in local art scene

An art critic has welcomed the long-awaited opening of the M+ museum, saying it has a regional significance as one of the largest ones in Asia.

John Batten said the focus on Chinese contemporary art will be very significant, and that the museum will also have a “very special place” for the local art scene.

“We’ve lacked very serious museums to show contemporary art,” Batten said.

He explained the Hong Kong Museum of Art has struggled to curate good contemporary art shows, adding that “M+ will fill the gap that’s been very lacking”.

Hong Kong people will get their first look today at M+, one of the cornerstones of the West Kowloon Cultural District, as it opens to the public.

The head of the district, Henry Tang, urged people to take an open and inclusive view of the museum’s collection, which he said reflects society.

He also said it is the responsibility of a public museum to ensure its exhibitions are legal.

“We will uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity,” Tang said.

“On the other hand, our dedicated curatorial team will ensure that all the exhibitions will comply with the laws, including the Basic Law, the national security law and all the other laws in Hong Kong.”