Luo Huining warns HK leaders against complacency

The head of Beijing’s liaison office, Luo Huining, said on Wednesday that leaders of Hong Kong cannot be complacent or dodge responsibility if they want to achieve good governance.

In a Lunar New Year speech, Luo said Hong Kong has entered a new chapter of One Country, Two Systems in the past year, with the city acquiring “a brand new look” after the implementation of the national security law and electoral reforms.

“Hong Kong, despite having more favourable conditions and opportunities than ever before, would still need to take the historical initiative to build on the momentum and pursue steady progress,” Luo said.

“Acts of complacency or dodging responsibility will only stifle the spirit to fight and the courage to reform,” he added.

The mainland official also expressed confidence in One Country, Two Systems and the future of the SAR, noting that many of Hong Kong’s unique advantages and competitiveness remain intact.

“Hong Kong has a promising future and the key lies in Hong Kong acquiring the historical consciousness to resolutely integrate into the overall development of the country,” he said.

“As long as Hong Kong excels in leveraging its strengths to serve the country’s needs, it is sure to assume greater responsibilities amid the major changes unseen in a century.”