Lucky draw not politically motivated: Regina Ip

The New People’s Party (NPP) announced on Wednesday that it is offering prizes and vouchers worth HK$1 million in a lucky draw aimed at boosting Hong Kong’s Covid-19 inoculation rate.

However, the draw is strictly limited to fully vaccinated staff, party members or “friends of NPP” – people who’ve expressed an interest in the party and have agreed to receive its updates, but are not fully-fledged members.

When asked by reporters whether the event is meant to boost party membership or increase its chances in upcoming elections, NPP chairwoman Regina Ip stressed the campaign is not aimed at promoting her party, nor has it anything to do with the Chief Executive election next year.

Ip, who’s also an executive councillor, said Hong Kong people are very smart, and would not support anybody just for the prizes.

“We are following the practices of other organisers, for example, a lot of corporations are limiting participants to those who have joined their malls’ reward scheme,” she said.

“Although I think our presents are quite attractive, they are limited in numbers, so we thought it would be better if we limit the eligible persons to people who have a connection with us. There is no need to join NPP as members. You can just join as a friend – no political commitment.”

The star prize for the draw is an antique watch from Regina Ip, who said she had bought it to celebrate a promotion in the 1990s.

Other gifts include jewellery, laptops, mobile phones, tea, body checks, as well as dining and coffee vouchers.

Those eligible must sign up for the draw by August 31.