Legislators blast MTR over ‘unfair fares’

The MTR Corporation was questioned by lawmakers on Friday over why passengers using the new Tuen Ma Line after it fully opens on June 27 will pay more for some journeys than others travelling further.

The legislators noted that people going from Hung Hom to Hin Keng will be charged HK$3.4 more than those who travel one station further and get off at Tai Wai.

The railway operator’s CEO Jacob Kam told the council that the length of the journey is not the only consideration when they set fares.

“Other than the distance of the journey, we also talk about the market factors, like the convenience as well as the journey time,” he explained.

He said he hoped to resolve the issue by adjusting the fares in the future, but did not give a timetable.

Meanwhile, Amy Wong, the deputy secretary for transport and housing, said the government is not considering waiving rents for the MTRC to help it cut fares.

“It would be equivalent to using public money to subsidise the MTRC for cheaper fares,” she said.

Wong said it is more appropriate for the government to provide transport subsidies for the public.