Kindergartens sent books on national security lessons

The government is distributing a book about the national security law to kindergartens in Hong Kong, saying this can help teachers educate children about the legislation.

In a circular, education officials said each kindergarten will receive from this month seven copies of a reference book compiled by mainland legal scholars, including Tsinghua University professor Wang Zhenmin.

Officials noted that the book was “specially selected” by Chen Baosheng, the mainland’s education minister, for distribution to the SAR’s schools.

“We believe that the book would be of great help in supporting teachers to correctly understand and implement national security education,” the curricular read.

“Teachers can assist them to have a basic understanding of the country and Chinese culture, and develop a sense of national identity. Besides, teachers should also teach children to become good citizens who abide by the law, take good care of public property, respect and care for others.”

Officials also said schools can help children understand Hong Kong’s status as a part of the nation.

This would enable children to deepen their understanding of various aspects of national security in subsequent learning stages, including their own responsibility to safeguard security, they said.