Kids can get smaller BioNTech dose: expert panel

An expert panel that advises the government on Covid-19 vaccines on Wednesday recommended that children aged between five to 11 get one-third of a BioNTech dose.

BioNTech is currently available to people 12 years old and above.

Although distributor Fosun Pharma still hasn’t submitted an application for the 10-microgramme dosage for children, the advisory panel on Covid-19 vaccines said it would recommend children to receive one-third of an adult dose after evaluating the jab’s performance and safety.

The panel suggested the government put the matter to a joint scientific committee under the Centre for Health Protection for consideration, in order to provide children with the vaccine in a timely manner.

A government spokesman said it would continue to follow up with Fosun Pharma on the recommendation made by the panel.

Paediatric specialist Dr Alvin Chan welcomed the move, saying it means the city’s vaccine coverage will reach a majority of the population.

The co-chairman of the Medical Association’s advisory committee on communicable diseases also said many children have already been vaccinated elsewhere without major problems.

“They are safe with not much side-effects… It’s been vaccinated only for four months, you could say it’s not a long period, but yet within this short period, there are already millions of children being vaccinated. I think that is also arguably quite convincing.”

He also said if parents are concerned about the BioNTech jab, they could choose the Sinovac vaccine for their children.
Last updated: 2022-01-12 HKT 22:37