‘Infected mom of flight attendant led to more cases’

Health authorities on Wednesday said four new Covid cases might be linked to a woman previously confirmed with the virus.

The 62-year-old woman is the mother of a Cathay Pacific flight attendant, who had earlier been infected.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) said the woman, who is unvaccinated and carries a high viral load, danced with more than 20 people at Victoria Park every morning during her incubation period.

Preliminary investigations show she might have infected three people who tested preliminary positive on Wednesday: one of her friends in the dance group, another friend she had breakfast with, and a helper she had met.

Officials said a 42-year-old surveyor, who tested preliminary positive on Tuesday and was confirmed with the virus a day later, might also be linked to this woman.

He lives in Tuen Mun and works in North Point.

The CHP’s head, Dr Edwin Tsui, said the man walked through Victoria Park to work every morning, adding that he might have visited a restaurant around the same time as the woman did.

He said contact tracing is still ongoing.

“The distance is quite far away from the group of ladies who were dancing at that time… 20 metres apart. Both of them were wearing masks at that time. There are possible risks because of Omicron’s transmissibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, a 13-year-old girl who dined at the Moon Palace restaurant, the centre of another Omicron outbreak, has been confirmed with the infection.

There is also one more preliminary positive case linked to this restaurant cluster.

In all, the Centre for Health Protection reported 38 confirmed Covid-19 cases on Wednesday, all but four are imported.