Ignore ‘despicable’ Ted Hui, warns Chris Tang

Security Secretary Chris Tang said on Monday that a call by former lawmaker Ted Hui for people to cast blank votes in this December’s Legco elections was despicable and possibly unlawful.

Hui, who left Hong Kong at the end of last year, made the call on Facebook to counter what he called an unjust electoral system.

Writing on his blog, Tang said some wanted criminals and anti-China people who have fled the city may have breached the elections ordinance and the national security law by inciting people to cast invalid votes. He described Hui as one such person.

He said the ex-Democratic Party legislator was facing at least nine charges in the SAR, and accused him of cheating a court into allowing him to leave Hong Kong.

Tang questioned why Hui had not returned to the city to carry on with his protest, saying he had instead “despicably incited people to break the law”.

The security chief said the public should see clearly the “evil hearts” of shameless people, as he warned people not to join in with or forward such calls regarding the elections, or risk facing legal consequences.

Tang also said while Hong Kong has gone from chaos to normalcy after the implementation of the national security, people should always be careful that those who are against China and Hong Kong might stir up trouble again to endanger national security and social harmony.

He added that people should be wary of a small number of diehard radicals who continue to encourage violence and incite hatred against the central and Hong Kong governments through the media, videos, publications, arts and culture, and games.